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Container logistics along the Rhine

For your multimodal container transport on the Rhine, we can offer a complete service with seaport pre-carriage and on-carriage, around the clock. With our efficient and flexible container liner services, we operate along the entire Rhine, starting from Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. We have numerous agencies, hubs, services, group partners from the inland waterway transport and freight forwarding sectors, as well as individual solutions for your container logistics. H&S Container Line can therefore offer a versatile range of services for container traffic in the form of a one-stop shop. The safety aspect is addressed by our AEO certification – with the added value of customs simplification. Use our “Container-barging for a greener planet” concept for an exact calculation of CO2 emissions per transport operation in direct comparison to direct trucking, and to see your carbon footprint.
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By working with our sister companies Haeger & Schmidt International and RKE, we are able to offer a complete logistics portfolio.

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Water levels

25.06.2017 5:00 Uhr
KÖLN 202
KAUB 151
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Gas oil scale

05/17 15
06/17 16
07/17 14
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Free app

A new service for you: get constant information via smartphone, e.g. water levels, shallow water and gas oil supplements and the schedules for our container services.

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AEO customs simplification / safety

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Container-barging for a greener planet

Thanks to our "Container-barging for a greener planet" concept, you can calculate the CO2 footprint of your container transportation operation.

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